The backbone of wireless connectivity for smart buildings


Limited scalability & reliability across buildings & campuses 

Deploying effective wireless connectivity for smart buildings that are structurally complex or geographically dispersed campuses like shopping malls, universities, hospitals poses numerous challenges.

Short-range wireless technologies like Wi-Fi or Zigbee are no longer optimal solutions due to limited coverage and high-power consumption. While mesh topology might help overcome range issues, it inflates upfront costs and increases security risks. 

Improve Efficiency, Enhance Safety & Reduce Costs with MYTHINGS™

With deep indoor penetration and versatile campus-wide connectivity, MYTHINGS™ delivers reliable plug-and-play wireless connectivity for smart buildings that can be easily retrofitted in various building and campus styles.

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Power Consumption Monitoring 

Gain real-time insight into the energy consumption of individual assets and multiple building zones. Analyze usage behavior to identify waste sources and improve energy efficiency. 

LPWAN Solutions for IoT in Manufacturing

Intelligent HVAC Control

Measure temperature, humidity and air quality in remote building areas for decentralized, granular control of the HVAC system. Get advanced analytics and development of an optimal thermal model based on occupants’ inputs. Help building operators considerably reduce utility costs and carbon footprint, while maximizing tenants’ comfort and productivity.

Wireless Connectivity for Smart Buildings

Occupancy Sensing 

Gain real-time visibility into space usage and occupancy rates. Pinpoint under-utilized areas and unnecessary and wasteful maintenance and energy expenses such as lighting, heating and cooling. 

Wireless Connectivity for Smart Buildings

Intelligent Parking

Provide data on parking space availability to your control center and update digital signs, indicator lights or API-fed user apps to improve customer satisfaction, decrease parking congestion and associated ventilation costs. 

Digital Management of Critical Facilities

Simplify the management and service life of facilities such as elevators, escalators and HVAC equipment. Diagnose abnormalities that require intervention before failures occur and schedule proactive condition-based maintenance.

Wireless Connectivity for Smart Buildings

Access Control & Interconnected Alarm Networks

Interconnect your entire alarm system from smoke detectors to open window/door detectors. Trigger alerts upon intrusive and dangerous incidents. Send regular reports on battery life and enable access systems for employees and visitors.

Wireless Connectivity for Smart Buildings

Asset Tracking

Combat theft of your critical assets like fire extinguishers and defibrillation units. Use motion sensors to immediately alert building managers when unauthorized and suspect movement is detected. 

Wireless Connectivity for Smart Buildings

Waste Management

Monitor the fill-levels of waste containers and optimize pick-up routes and disposal schedules of different waste types to reduce financial and environmental impact.

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