Smart Cities


Robust, scalable and cost-effective LPWAN for Smart Cities


Inadequate network coverage and scalability as well as high-cost barriers

The high building density in urban environments presents enormous challenges for conventional communications solutions that have significant penetration and range limitations.

In addition, a smart city model requires a cost-effective, highly scalable network to connect a massive, growing number of granular data points.

Drive Robust, Scalable and Cost-Effective Smart City Innovation with MYTHINGS™

Purpose-built for low cost, low power and large-scale IoT applications, MYTHINGS provides versatile citywide connectivity that supports a vibrant smart city ecosystem. The robust, long-range radio link enables reliable data communications from the most difficult locations like basements or parking garages.

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LPWAN for Smart Cities

Energy Management

Effectively align energy generation with demand and execute time-of-use dynamic pricing using real-time consumption data from smart meters. Facilitate the integration of renewables and micro-generation into the electrical grid with metering data.

LPWAN for Smart Cities

Smart Lighting

Adjust brightness and preschedule lighting of street lamps based on traffic conditions and pedestrian presence data. Remotely monitor component health status (e.g. fixtures and lighting panels) for timely maintenance to ensure traffic safety.

LPWAN for Smart Cities

Water Management

Detect tank and pipeline leakages with flow sensors and smart meters. Enable consumers to track their water usage patterns and better manage consumption to augment conservation with metering data. Keep track of water quality at public taps.

Intelligent Parking

Track data on parking space availability and update digital signs, indicators lights and API-fed user apps to reduce congestion, improve driver satisfaction and save on ventilation costs in indoor parking facilities. Enable automatic alerts for mobile devices to remind users of their parking expiration.

LPWAN for Smart Cities

Infrastructure Management

Monitor the structural health of critical public infrastructures like bridges and high-rise buildings. Diagnose potential wear and tear for predictive maintenance to avoid disastrous incidents

LPWAN for Smart Cities

Pollution Control

Monitor air quality and generate pollution maps to help guide urban planning initiatives. Reduce exposure to pollution at critical times and in optimal places and regulate emission generating activities such as traffic.

LPWAN for Smart Cities

Waste Management

Optimize schedules and routes of waste pickups leveraging sensor data on container fill-levels to reduce financial and environmental burden.

LPWAN for Smart Cities

Disaster Warning and Response

Monitor weather, atmospheric and seismic parameters to identify early signs of disasters (e.g. forest fires, avalanche, earthquake) and improve warning and response activities.

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Robust, Scalable and Cost-Effective LPWAN for Smart Cities