The only LPWAN solution for Industrial IoT standardized by ETSI

As a member of the MIOTY Alliance, we’re working with leading tech companies to make the MIOTY protocol more accessible, interoperable and consumable for companies worldwide.

Introducing Telegram Splitting Technology

MIOTY is a low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol that is purpose-built for massive industrial and commercial IoT deploments. Fraunhofer’s patented Telegram Splitting – the core of the MIOTY protocol, is designed to conquer the scalability, interference and mobility issues of legacy wireless IoT technologies.

This new communication approach divides a message into multiple sub-packets and transmits them at different times and frequencies. Dramatically reduced on-air time combined with pseudo-randomness and superior channel coding provide unrivaled robustness against external interference while maximizing overall system capacity.

State-of-the-Art System Design

LPWAN Solution for Industrial IoT MIOTY


MIOTY data packets can travel over 15km. Only a few base stations are needed for full coverage in vast areas like industrial complexes, campuses or oilfields. With flexible base station deployment, you'll also get coverage in previously unfeasible, hard-to-reach locations and cellular “blind spots.”

BTI - Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT


Optimized for power efficiency, the MIOTY protocol has the longest sensor battery life of any other LPWAN technology on the market . Avoid the hassle of battery replacement and recharging on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.  

What Makes MIOTY Different?

BTI - Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT


MIOTY is purpose-built to withstand heavy co-channel interference in the congested license-free spectrum, offering unmatched robustness. It is designed for demanding industrial applications and delivers carrier-grade reliability over challenging topology and through metal, rebar obstructions. Deep indoor penetration also secure consistent connectivity in the most hostile environments.


Maximum spectral efficiency enabled by Telegram Splitting contributes to MIOTY's huge system capacity. Aggregating millions of daily messages from thousands of devices using only a single base station, MIOTY networks scale as IoT devices grow rapidly, all while requiring the least infrastructure to be deployed.

BTI - Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT


Unlike traditional LPWAN technologies, which are limited in mobility, MIOTY allows you to collect data from sensors travelling up to 120 km/h velocity, unlocking a wide array of connected worker and fleet management applications.

MIOTY - ETSI Standard

The New Commercial Standard in Wireless Connectivity for IIoT

MIOTY™ or its technical specification -Telegram Splitting Ultra-narrow Band (TS-UNB) - is the only LPWAN protocol standardized by ETSI for low throughput networks (TS 103 357). This standard represents a breakthrough in the primary barrier to worldwide IIoT scalability.

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Leverage the Power of MIOTY with MYTHINGS

MYTHINGS is the first software platform to support MIOTY and its Telegram Splitting technology. Built for long range communication, MYTHINGS has the longest battery life, highest interference immunity and lowest total cost ownership of any wireless connectivity solution on the market today. Unlike competing technologies, MYTHINGS is purpose-built to give partners and customers full control of their IoT network from devices and data to network management.

Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT - MYTHINGS

Winner of the 2019 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

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