Robust, carrier-grade LPWAN solutions for IoT in oil and gas


Extreme Operating Conditions & Insufficient Communications Infrastructure

IoT in oil and gas presents huge opportunities for asset visibility, operational efficiency and safety management, but the transition from brownfields to digital oilfields can be cost-intensive and very challenging. 

Offshore distance, explosive atmospheres, rugged terrains, absent power supply and electromagnetic interference create a demanding environment for any wireless network.

Enhance Transparency, Productivity & Safety with MYTHINGS™

With long range, high power efficiency and strong interference immunity, MYTHINGS delivers the most resilient sensor connectivity for the automation of manual processes on oil and gas fields.

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LPWAN Solutions for IoT in Mining

Remote Monitoring of Disparate Field Equipment

Increase visibility and integrity of your critical assets from pumps and compressors, to pipes and tanks. Monitor key factors like remote pressure, temperature, flow rate, corrosion, ruptures and leakage. Get notified of anomalies to prevent hazards and production loss and proactively schedule maintenance. Identify potential threats of fuel theft and spillage. 

LPWAN Solutions for IoT in Manufacturing

Predictive Machinery Maintenance

Gain real-time insights into the status of your machinery and its operating condition (e.g. electric motors, turbines, valves, ventilators). Identify causes of past failures and future error probability to effectively schedule maintenance and minimize costly production downtime. 

LPWAN Solutions for IoT in Mining

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Track multi-level energy consumption from plant, process unit to machinery-level with MIOTY™-enabled wireless smart meters. Analyze energy flows, consumption patterns and usage behavior across multiple sites to effectively plan production, identify power waste sources and improve energy efficiency.

LPWAN Solutions for IoT in Manufacturing

Worker Safety Wearables

Track workers' health and activity parameters in real-time such as pulse, fall detection emergency distress indicators and GPS and trigger emergency signals when an accident or “out-of-tolerance” incident occurs. Monitor environmental conditions such as air quality or gas concentration level to alert workers of potential hazards and ensure timely evacution of endangered zones.

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