Next-Gen Wireless Technology for the Industrial Internet of Things

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Canadian centric IIoT partnership to bring LPWAN software to “Mass-market”

Overcome the Challenges of Legacy Wireless Technology for IoT

Legacy wireless technologies are highly susceptible to interference, have insufficient network capacity and limited support for fast-moving devices and are often tied to a specific hardware vendor or a third-party managed network.

This raises significant issues of poor quality of service, vendor lock-in, data privacy and increased network costs.

Flexible, simple and cost-effective data communication for scalable sensor networks

MYTHINGS is the only hardware agnostic, interoperable and integrable wireless connectivity software platform for industrial IoT available on the market today.

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Wireless Technology for IoT

Leverage the Power of MIOTYTM

The only LPWAN software protocol in the world standardized by ETSI.

At the core of MYTHINGS is MIOTY, a wireless connectivity protocol that leverages Fraunhofer's Telegram Splitting technology. This patented technology is designed for unrivalled robustness against interference, superior mobility, extensive coverage and massive scalability for campus-wide IoT deployments.



Aggregate millions of messages a day from thousands of devices using a single base station.


Achieve industrial-grade reliability with unrivalled interference immunity and deep indoor penetration. 



Operate 1-15km in typical environments, and cover cellular blind spots. 

Wireless Technology for IoT - ETSI Standard


Achieve ultimate power efficiency with the longest battery life of any LPWAN solution.


Collect data from moving sensors and gateways at up to 120km/hr


Leverage the globally compatible ETSI standard for low throughput networks

Own Your IoT Network

Your Devices. Your Data. Your Network.

MYTHINGS is uniquely built for integration and embedding with an open end-to-end architecture that gives partners and customers full control over their IoT network.

Choose Your Own Devices

Our software-based approach allows your to flexibly choose your own transceivers, gateways and application platforms

Integrate with Your Own Systems & Processes

Our API driven architecture bridges the IT and OT gap, allowing you to choose how you manage, store and visualize data, whether on-prem or in the cloud. 

Manage Your Own Network

Deploy your own campus style network and avoid the cost and data privacy pitfalls of third-party managed networks.

The MYTHINGS Architecture

MYTHINGS networks employ a star topology. At least one base station aggregates data from a massive number of remote sensors. Embedded with flexible interfaces, the base station then relays data to users’ preferred backend systems – whether on-premises data centers and historians or the cloud. An end-to-end network management software is additionally included for convenient management of your entire IIoT value chain.

Sensors: Sensors run the MYTHINGS Library, a small footprint and power optimized implementation of the MIOTY (TS-UNB) communication stack. MYTHINGS Library supports inexpensive off-the-shelf, sub-GHz transceiver chipsets from the world’s leading chipset manufacturers like Silicon Labs.

Base Station: Running MYTHINGS OS, the base station is integrated with the MIOTY receiver protocol, MYTHINGS cloud connect and multiple APIs (e.g. MQTT, REST etc.). MYTHINGS OS supports industry standard IIoT gateways in combination with off-the-shelf Software Defined Radios (SDR).

MYTHINGS - Wireless technology for IoT

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Wireless Connectivity for IoT

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