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5 Common Myths about LPWAN Debunked

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Wireless IoT Connectivity

Done Right.

MYTHINGS is a wireless IoT connectivity platform purpose-built for complex industrial and commercial sensor networks. At the core of MYTHINGS is TS-UNB (MIOTY); a new low-power wide area network (LPWAN) protocol which provides the most robust, scalable and mobile IoT connectivity on the market.

With MYTHINGS’ open end-to-end architecture, you can choose your own devices, integrate with your own systems and processes and manage your own network with MYTHINGS Central; an all-in-one network management platform for device on and off-boarding, cloud/backend integration and network troubleshooting.



Professor Dr. Thomas Lauterbach from the Nuremberg University of Technology for Applied Science, evaluates and compares the Quality-of-Service of LoRa vs. MYTHINGS under real-world interference conditions.

Overcome the pitfalls of legacy wireless solutions 

Legacy wireless IoT connectivity solutions come with many challenges that limit their ability to support industrial and commercial IoT networks. From lack of scalability and mobility to significant interference issues and high network costs, these traditional technologies do not have the power to enable critical IoT applications. MYTHINGS is a new plug and play wireless connectivity platform that is inherently built to overcome the pitfalls of existing wireless and wired connectivity solutions on the market.

Simplify deployment and on-going management of massive-scale IoT networks with MYTHINGS Central

Achieve industrial-grade reliability with unrivaled interference immunity and deep indoor penetration

Aggregate millions of messages from thousands of devices using only a single base station

Collect data from moving sensors and gateways at up to 120km/hr

Operate 1-15km in typical environments, and cover cellular blind spots

Achieve ultimate power efficiency with the longest battery life of any LPWAN solution

Wireless IoT Connectivity Done Right