Next-Gen Wireless IoT Technology from Device to Dashboard

MYTHINGS Wireless IoT Connectivity

Flexible, Scalable and Robust Wireless IoT Connectivity & Management

MYTHINGS is a wireless connectivity platform purpose-built for complex industrial and commercial IoT sensor networks. At the core of MYTHINGS is MIOTY; a powerful low-power wide area network protocol designed for unrivalled robustness against interference, superior mobility, extensive coverage and massive scalability for campus-wide IoT deployments.

Choose Your Own Devices

With our software-based approach, you can flexibly choose your own off the shelf transceivers, gateways and application platforms or get started with our all-in-one MYTHINGS Smart Sensor, MYTHINGS Module or MYTHINGS Base Station

Manage Your Own Network

With MYTHINGS Central, you can deploy your own campus style network.This all-in-one network management platform provides device on and off-boarding, cloud and backend integration and network troubleshooting. 

Integrate with Your Own Systems & Processes

With our powerful plug-in system and API-driven design, quickly connect to external systems and third-party applications  We provide integrations with cloud solutions like Azure, AWS and Cumulocity and our robust MQTT support provides interoperability with a wide variety of IoT platforms.

Overcome the Limitations of Legacy Wireless IoT Technologies

what you get with

Legacy Wireless Technologies

Proprietary hardware dependence that increases device cost and makes integration with other sensors difficult

Commercial carrier fees or proprietary third-party managed networks that increase operating costs

Low interference resistance and building penetration that make it impractical for many environments

High power consumption that causes low battery life

Limited scalability of only hundreds of devices which makes data throughput unfeasible

Limited support for moving sensors

what you get with

MYTHINGS Wireless Technology

The choice of your own transceivers, gateways and application platforms 

Deploy your own network and avoid the cost and data privacy pitfalls of third-party managed

The longest battery life of any other LPWAN solution

Aggregate millions of messages a day from thousands of devices using a single base station.

Moving sensors and gateway support up to 120km/hr

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Unlock Data & Scale Your IoT Network with MYTHINGS

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