Network and Device Management for IoT - MYTHINGS Central


Flexible, scalable and secure network and device management for IoT

Simplify Deployment and Ongoing Management of Massive-Scale IoT Networks

MYTHINGS Central is the only network and device management software for MIOTY (TS-UNB) low power wide area networks. As an all-in-one platform it provides device on and off-boarding, cloud/backend integration, data monitoring and network troubleshooting. With an open, API-driven approach, MYTHINGS Central enables you to architect your end-to-end IoT application at ease and with minimal resources.

Run MYTHINGS Central on-premises or in the cloud, depending on your business requirements

Manage your MYTHINGS network from a central user interface (UI)

RF Module for Long Range Communication

Easily connect, configure and manage all of your IoT sensors

Customize our web-based UI with your own branding or implement your own UI

Integrate with popular IoT cloud services or your own backend

Streamline costs and complexity with an integrated network management service for all MYTHINGS offerings

Product Features

Flexible, modular software design using Docker containers

Automation tools for large-scale device onboarding

Open messaging protocols (MQTT, WebSocket…)

Built-in encryption of the MIOTY wireless network layer (AES128)

TLS encryption for secure TCP/IP connection

Out-of-the-box web-based UI for immediate task execution and data visualization

Ready-to-use connectors for top-tier cloud platforms

RESTful API architecture for fast and easy 3rd party integration

Deployment Options

Whether you’re still in a proof-of-concept phase or you have full-fledged application systems in place, MYTHINGS Central caters to every network requirement and can be deployed to suit any of your needs.

Ideal for small-scale private networks

Manage your IoT network and view your data directly from the base station with our preconfigured, user-friendly interface.

Ideal for medium-sized networks (up to 3 base stations)

Easily transfer data to your own on-premises application systems for storage, analytics and visualization.

Ideal for large-scale deployments requiring flexibility

Deploy and run MYTHINGS Central in the cloud and manage your network from anywhere.

Network and Device Management for IoT Simplified