Flexible, scalable and secure network and device management for mioty LPWA networks

Deploy and Manage Massive Scale IoT Networks with Ease

MYTHINGS Central is the only network and device management software for mioty LPWA networks (LPWAN). It is designed to help you quickly and easily connect, configure and manage thousands of IoT sensors and multiple base stations in any complex industrial or commercial environment.

As an all-in-one platform it provides device on and off-boarding, cloud/backend integration, data monitoring and network troubleshooting. With its ultra-lightweight design, fully customizable user interface and open API-driven architecture, MYTHINGS Central enables you to build your end-to-end LPWA network at ease and with minimal resources.

LPWA Network Management

Flexible and Secure Architecture

Create, deploy and run microservices quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.

Portable anywhere with industry standard Docker containers (Linux, Windows, Cloud, Data Centers, etc.)

Lightweight for higher server efficiency

Strong isolation capabilities for secure operation

Flexible deployment in various infrastructures

Run services on-prem or off-prem

Secure connections between all services

Fast update cycles for individual components (no complete system shutdown)

Integration and Interoperability

Easily integrate with third-party applications and IoT platforms through our our API-driven design, powerful Plugin System and support for open messaging protocols (MQTT, WebSocket and others).

Fully developed REST API  and gRPC for seamless third-party integration

Built-in integration for Azure, AWS, Cumulocity, Ericsson IoT Accelerator and others

Regular plugin release cycles for easy maintenance and updates

Software stack agnostic plugins that can be written in any Language

Plugins are microservices and can be deployed anywhere

Capability for additional plugin functionalities (i.e. localization)

LPWA Network Management
LPWA Network Management

Vendor Independent Sensor Support

Our unique Data Description Structure enables you to build, operate and scale a secure IoT workflow from any endpoint to the network.

Ultra lightweight structure to describe end device payloads

LPWAN optimized (not transmitted with the message)

Based on JSON standard

Built for  smart devices with configuration options (i.e. multiple payloads)

Protocol and payload independent

Stored in global or local database

Deployment Options

Whether you’re still in a proof-of-concept phase or have a production-level deployment in place, MYTHINGS Central caters to every LPWA network requirement.

Ideal for small-scale private networks

Manage your IoT network and view your data directly from the base station with our preconfigured, user-friendly interface.

Ideal for medium-sized networks (up to 3 base stations)

Run MYTHINGS Central on your own server for complete data control and ownership.

Ideal for large-scale deployments requiring flexibility

Deploy in the cloud for scalability and access to modern data processing. Manage your network from anywhere.

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