IEQ Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring

Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring

from Device to Dashboard

A Holistic Approach to Indoor Environmental Quality

With a MYTHINGS-enabled IEQ solution, you’ll have insight into critical indoor climate factors like air, thermal, acoustic and lighting quality. Whether it’s an office building, shopping mall, airport or subway, you’ll get access to the data you need to improve the health and comfort of occupants while also optimizing energy consumption and reducing costs. 

Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring

With MYTHINGS, you can collect data from thousands of IEQ sensors using only a single base station. Easily integrate with your preferred backend system, cloud vendor or IoT platform for storage and analytics. 

Improve Comfort, Health and Productivity

Enhance occupant health, improve the quality of life, and reduce stress and potential injuries with a high quality interior environment that fits in with green buildings and sustainable design practice, including WELL, Fitwel and LEED.

Reduce Operational Costs & Enhance Value

Improve energy efficiency and minimize the risk of building-related health problems. Increase the resale value of the building and reduce liability and operational costs caused by illness and productivity loss.

Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring - Air Quality

Proactively monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) to identify pollutant sources, improve ventilation and reduce exposure to harmful airborne substances.

Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring

Address sun glare, direct sun and heat gain issues and improve lighting controls for different lighting level preferences and daylight need.

Identify internal and external conditions that can cause over-cooling and overheating. Improve thermal comfort while also reducing energy costs.

Monitor sound level to better control acoustic conditions that are important to occupants such as noise level and sound privacy.

Why MYTHINGS for Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring

MYTHINGS overcomes the cost, scalability and interference challenges of legacy wireless and wired solutions with future-proof IoT connectivity from the sensor right to the network.

Aggregate millions of messages a day from thousands of sensors using a single base station

Carrier-grade reliability and deep indoor penetration

Ability to run on small, inexpensive batteries for 10-15 years and cover 15km

Reduced infrastructure costs, low device costs and simple maintenance

Ability to integrate with existing systems like BAS and new IoT sensors as well as major cloud vendors and IoT platforms

Fuel Smart Buildings Applications with MYTHINGS

Contact us to learn more about implementing an end-to-end occupancy (IEQ) Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring solution.

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