Wireless Leak Detection

Wireless Leak Detection

From Device to Dashboard

Did You Know?

of companies lose 35% of their water due to leaks that could be prevented.

of water can be wasted a month from a single leaky toilet costing $2,444 per month.

is the annual cost of water damage and removal in the US

of all insurance claims are due to water damage.

Real-time Data for Real Cost Savings

With a MYTHINGS-enabled wireless leak detection system, you can pinpoint the most invisible leaks and floods from afar and in a matter of seconds after an incident starts. Whether it’s an office building, hospital, hotel or data center, you’ll get access to the data you need to prevent water damage, avoid costly repairs and insurance claims and improve sustainability.

Wireless Leak Detection

With MYTHINGS, you can collect data from thousands of leak detection sensors using only a single base station. Easily integrate with your preferred backend system, cloud vendor or IoT platform for storage and analytics. 

Eliminate Water Damage

Monitor high risk areas like ceilings and basement pipes, toilets, sinks, water-based appliances and sprinkler systems in real-time. Receive alerts at the very first sign of a leak to ensure immediate remedial action or integrate this data into a building management system to enable automated responses like shutting off the supply valve or HVAC equipment to prevent widespread damage.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Monitor water use throughout your property and identify even the smallest and slowest trickles that can lead to excessive utility costs and a decrease in net operating income. Eliminate major leaks and floods to avoid costly repairs and cleanup of infrastructure and equipment and to ensure health, safety and satisfaction of tenants. 

Improve Sustainability

Protect freshwater resources and decrease the volume of water needed to treat and pump through your property. Avoid pressure loss caused by leaks that can also increase power consumption and your carbon footprint.

Why MYTHINGS for Wireless Leak Detection?

MYTHINGS overcomes the cost, scalability and interference challenges of legacy wireless and wired solutions with future-proof IoT connectivity from the sensor right to the network.

Aggregate millions of messages a day from thousands of sensors using a single base station

Carrier-grade reliability and deep indoor penetration

Ability to run on small, inexpensive batteries for 10-15 years and cover 15km

Reduced infrastructure costs, low device costs and simple maintenance

Ability to integrate with existing systems like BAS and new IoT sensors as well as major cloud vendors and IoT platforms

Fuel Smart Buildings Applications with MYTHINGS

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