Scalable and cost-effective LPWAN solutions for smart grids and utilities 


High Operating Costs & Insufficient Network Coverage 

Rapid technological development, increasing customer expectation and high market regulation are forcing utility companies to migrate to dynamic, decentralized and data-driven business models that embrace IoT for higher efficiency in grid operation.

The challenge is that cellular connectivity is constrained by high power consumption, ongoing costs, and insufficient coverage at the network margin. Generations of cellular technology are continuously replaced by the next, threatening the long-term, stable operation of smart grids that utilities cannot afford.

Support Critical Smart Grid Infrastructure for Decades to Come with MYTHINGS™

From smart meter connectivity, remote monitoring of transmission and distribution networks to predictive maintenance of generation and storage assets, MYTHINGS provides visibility and efficiency along the entire energy value chain.

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LPWAN Solutions for IoT in Manufacturing

Fault Detection & Location 

Cost-effectively and reliably connect all of your distribution lines and devices, even the ones underground or in the most inaccessible locations, for remote monitoring. Detect and locate faults quickly, saving substantial reparation time and minimizing breakdown duration.

LPWAN Solutions for IoT in Manufacturing

Transmission Line and Tower Surveillance

Measure conductor temperature, current, and tension, as well as meteorological data along overhead transmission lines. Retain a more accurate sag evaluation and predict potential line damages caused by extreme weather conditions. Empower immediate, preventive maintenance to avoid serious failures, improving safety and stability of the transmission lines. 

LPWAN Solutions for IoT in Mining

Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Cost-effectively monitor operations and the health status of critical assets on a massive scale like power generation plants, solar farms or wind farms. Optimize your equipment operations and energy production and receive alerts of abnormalities for proactive maintenance and to avoid costly downtime. 

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