MYTHINGS Base Station

A robust, industrial IoT gateway designed to scale with your network needs.

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An IoT Gateway Built for Performance, Scalability and Integration

The MYTHINGS Base Station is a robust IoT gateway using the Advantech ARK-2250L industrial housing and running the powerful Intel Core i3/i5 processor. Integrated with the ETSI standardized TS-UNB (MIOTY) wireless stack, it can handle millions of messages per day from thousands of end points within a 15km range. This IoT gateway comes with built-in MYTHINGS Central software; an all-in-one tool for device, data and network management, to help you swiftly get your network up and running.

Quickly configure and commission end nodes via the built-in web interface

Deploy multiple base stations for massive coverage and conveniently manage your entire network from a single user interface

Connect and forward data to your preferred IT/ backend system in simple steps

Choose to deploy your IoT architecture on-premises or in the cloud

Rechargeable battery with USB

Easily backup and restore system data

Product Features

IoT Transceivers

Integrated wireless receiver

IoT Transceivers

Pre-built system configuration, network management and database

IoT Transceivers

Native cloud plug-ins (Azure, AWS, IBM Watson)

IoT Transceivers

Flexible, open interfaces including MQTT, REST and WebSocket

IoT Transceivers

Support for 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (North America) frequency bands

IoT Transceivers

Integrated firewall, AES-128 network security layer, and TLS encryption for backend TCP/IP connection

IoT Transceivers

Ruggedized industrial design

Perfect for Industrial and Commercial IoT Applications

Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Production Quality & Control

Cold Chain Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Off-Road Fleet Management 

Occupancy Sensing

Worker Health and Safety

HVAC and Energy Management

Infrastructure and Facility Management

IoT Gateway
Network and Device Management for IoT - MYTHINGS Central

Built-in Network and Device Management

The MYTHINGS Base Station comes with MYTHINGS Central, an all-in-one platform for device on and off-boarding, cloud/backend integration, data monitoring and network troubleshooting. With an open, API-driven approach, MYTHINGS Central enables you to architect your end-to-end IoT application at ease and with minimal resources.

Build a Robust, Scalable and Long-Range Industrial IoT Sensor Network

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