Robust, scalable and long-range wireless connectivity for IoT in agriculture


Limited Connectivity Solutions and High Costs

Most farms reside in remote locations that are poorly serviced by telecom operators and other network providers. Vast field areas and physical obstructions like crops and canopies further hinder reliable data transmission. On top of that, high hardware and connectivity costs of traditional solutions threaten to erode margins and hamper adoption.

Long-Range, Scalable and Cost-Effective Connectivity for IoT in Agriculture

Providing low-cost and reliable connectivity for large-scale IoT sensor networks, MYTHINGS helps farmers collect a wide array of crop, climate and livestock data for data-driven decisions to maximize yields, reduce waste and enhance resource conservation.

IoT for Agriculture - Climate Monitoring

Climate Monitoring

Monitor weather conditions on the field to better predict and prepare for adverse events like heavy rainfalls, frost and drought. Enable on-demand adjustment of HVAC settings in smart greenhouses leveraging real-time climate inputs to ensure optimal indoor conditions.

IoT for Agriculture - Irrigation Control

Irrigation Control

Align irrigation activities with real-time crop demand using soil and/or leaf moisture data to optimize water use. Identify trends and anticipate irrigation needs through constant analysis of climate and soil data for effective planning of water supply.

IoT for Agriculture - Precision Fertilization

Precision Fertilization

Monitor salinity, conductivity and other vital soil parameters on a micro-field level. Facilitate field mapping based on soil performance for variable-rate application of fertilizer to reduce waste and optimize yields.

Disease and Pest Control

Correlate climate data with plant growth data to assess existing risks of fungi and crop infection. Report pest presence and activity alongside soil chemical levels at various field areas for effective control measures at the lowest pesticide use.

Livestock Reporting

Collect health and behavioral data of livestock to detect illness and feeding issues promptly. Track the location of outdoor cattle and get notified if they are out-of-range to prevent theft attempts. Identify signs of heat to improve insemination practices and fertility rates.

Equipment Maintenance

Oversee operational status of agricultural equipment (e.g. water pumps, tractors, spreaders etc.) and get alerted when abnormalities or pending issues are identified. Facilitate advanced planning of oil and part replacement, and other maintenance activities to avoid equipment downtime.

Aquaculture Monitoring

Measure water quality, pH, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and other critical parameters at aquaculture farms. Receive notifications when conditions are optimal for feeding or when out-of-threshold events are detected for remedial action.

Long-Range, Scalable and Cost-Effective Connectivity for IoT in Agriculture

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