Plug & Play IoT Connectivity for Legacy PLCs

A robust, scalable and cost-effective IoT PLC Integration solution


Significant data silos caused by insufficient networking capabilities

Due to the lack of networking connectivity, legacy PLCs have very limited ability to exchange data with high-level management systems. Reprogramming brownfield PLCs for IoT connectivity can result in costly downtime and damage equipment.

While next-generation PLCs have ethernet capabilities, wired connectivity is also not a feasible option in the harsh and complex industrial environments where PLCs are most often used.

Bringing IoT Connectivity to Brownfield PLCs

  BehrTech and Majik Systems have partnered to deliver an IoT PLC integration solution to help you tap into valuable production data that was previously inaccessible in isolated, closed-loop systems.

MYTHINGS by BehrTech - white BG

Next-gen wireless connectivity for robust, scalable and cost-effective industrial IoT networks

A versatile software suite for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing critical production data from field PLCs

No PLC Reprogramming Required.

How does it work?

A MYTHINGS integration gateway running MAJiK’s software, interfaces with your brownfield PLC to gather critical data points (i.e. PLC tags). Using a MYTHINGS transceiver, you can reliably and securely transfer your PLC data to a MYTHINGS base station. Data can then be relayed to a cloud platform or your on-premise application system such as a Management Execution System or Enterprise Resource Planning program for storage, analytics and visualization. 


Bridge the Gap Between IT and OT 

IoT Transceivers

Fast and easy implementation that requires no PLC reprogramming or production downtime.

IoT Transceivers

Robust, long-range and cost-effective connectivity for data communications from PLCs in remote, difficult industrial settings.

IoT Transceivers

Support for cross-vendor PLCs and multiple physical interfaces (USB, serial, Ethernet). Learn More.

IoT Transceivers

Configurable data transmission frequency and extracted PLC values.

IoT Transceivers

Ability to scale with your operations.

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