Analyst Report – Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in IIoT Sensor Connectivity


2018 Global Sensor Connectivity Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

IIoT Sensor Connectivity Company of the Year


With fast-paced deployment of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks, the key challenge for industrial and commercial customers is to move the high volume of data packets that get generated during operation and then use the information intelligently for decision making. Another challenge is the large amount of power required to move data through the IIoT network. Often, the continuous streaming of data gets interrupted due to high power uptake, which led to the introduction of sleep modes that minimize power consumption.

LPWAN companies have attempted to develop new and modify existing IIoT solutions to tackle these challenges but have been met with limited success. Considering the steady increase in number of connected assets, a digital transformation is required to meet the challenges of connecting numerous installed asset bases.

LPWAN company BehrTech has introduced a solution to these challenges with its MYTHINGS™ solution, which has received large-scale commercial success. Built as a low power wide area network, the solution’s data communication enables industrial and commercial organizations to set up a stable IIoT sensor network with very large capacity. Besides low total cost of ownership (TCO), its scalability is quite impressive. BehrTech delivers a future-ready gateway to network wireless connectivity with a typical range of 5 to 15km in urban and rural environments.

In this report, Frost & Sullivan discusses the challenges facing the IIoT Sensor Connectivity market and analyzes competing cellular and licensee-free LPWAN companies as well as other wireless IoT technologies. The report focuses on MYTHINGS by BehrTech and its dramatic impact on this market and significant out performance of competing solutions with its ultra-low power consumption, massive scalability, highest interference immunity, and lowest total cost of ownership.

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