[Frost & Sullivan] Product Leadership Award in Wireless IoT

Wireless IoT Product Leadership Award

2020 Product Leadership Award in Wireless IoT

Rapid technological advancements in wireless IoT have increased the development of remote applications, such as asset tracking, process and quality control and facility management in manufacturing, oil and gas, mining and smart buildings. Given the large physical area of industrial plants and commercial spaces, using wireless IoT connectivity for monitoring and controlling various operations poses substantial challenges. MYTHINGS has proven to overcome these challenges with its industry-leading features of robustness, scalability, and flexibility which has earned BehrTech the Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Product Leadership Award in the wireless IoT industry.

Why Wireless IoT Connectivity Matters

The central value around IoT is unprecedented visibility into existing operations that empowers strategic decision-making. To this end, the ability to connect vast numbers of distributed field assets and devices in a scalable, manageable and cost-effective fashion is paramount. Compared to their wired counterparts, wireless IoT communications are the better choice for networking due to:

Far fewer required hardware, and less installation and maintenance costs

Ability to connect mobile assets and collect data in hard-to-access, hazardous environments

Flexibility in network changes and expansion to meet your dynamic needs

Regardless of where you currently are in the IoT journey, this e-book aims to help you navigate the wireless landscape and understand some of the most fundamental factors when deploying a wireless IoT network meant to scale.