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Wireless Connectivity for Massive Scale IoT Deployments

As IoT ushers in a new wave of industrial and commercial applications, wireless communications have become increasingly essential, if not the only economically viable option to bring “things” online. Yet, implementing a functional and future-proof wireless infrastructure can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially for companies with little or no background in M2M technologies.

IoT Networking

In this e-book you will learn:


Key wireless requirements for industrial and commercial IoT


5 major wireless families and what you need to know


A detailed breakdown of Low Power Wide Area Networks for massive scale IoT deployments


5 important considerations when building a versatile wireless architecture

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Why Wireless Connectivity Matters

The central value around IoT is unprecedented visibility into existing operations that empowers strategic decision-making. To this end, the ability to connect vast numbers of distributed field assets and devices in a scalable, manageable and cost-effective fashion is paramount. Compared to their wired counterparts, wireless communications are the better choice for IoT networking due to:

Far fewer required hardware, and less installation and maintenance costs

Ability to connect mobile assets and collect data in hard-to-access, hazardous environments

Flexibility in network changes and expansion to meet your dynamic needs

Regardless of where you currently are in the IoT journey, this e-book aims to help you navigate the wireless landscape and understand some of the most fundamental factors when deploying a wireless network meant to scale.