BehrTech Wins IoT Integrations Award for Innovation and Interoperability in Smart Building Controls

TORONTO – November 15, 2018BehrTech, a worldwide licensee of the MIOTYTM LPWAN solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market, announced today it has won the IoT Integrations Award for Smart Building Controls.

BehrTech was recognized for its MIOTY low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) solution, which provides robust, scalable and cost-effective wireless connectivity for massive IoT sensor networks. With its deep indoor penetration and versatile campus-wide connectivity, MIOTY delivers a reliable plug-and-play solution that can be easily retrofitted in various building and campus styles.

“With IoT, a new breed of smart buildings are emerging that are better aligned with the priorities of property owners and managers,” says Albert Behr, CEO and founder of BehrTech. “These technologies, together with our award-winning MIOTY, will ensure the delivery of more accurate and useful data for improving operational efficiency and safety, reducing costs, and providing the best experiences for occupants.”

MIOTY enables the massive interconnection of IoT sensors to help property owners get more from building data. Key applications include:

  • Power Consumption Monitoring: Monitor the energy consumption of individual assets and building zones to identify waste sources and improve energy efficiency
  • Intelligent HVAC Control: Measure temperature, humidity and air quality in remote building areas for decentralized, granular control of the HVAC system
  • Occupancy Sensing: Pinpoint under-utilized areas and wasteful energy expenses such as lighting, heating and cooling
  • Intelligent Parking: Provide data on parking space availability and update digital signs, indicator lights or API-fed user apps
  • Digital Management of Critical Facilities: Monitor the service life of elevators, escalators and HVAC equipment to schedule proactive condition-based maintenance
  • Access Control & Interconnected Alarm Networks: Interconnect alarm systems to trigger alerts upon intrusive and dangerous incidents and monitor battery life
  • Asset Tracking: Use motion sensors to reduce asset theft and immediately alert building managers when unauthorized movement is detected
  • Waste Management: Monitor waste container fill-levels and optimize pick-up routes and disposal schedules

The IoT Integration Awards are judged on several key elements, including innovation and technological advancement, ability to integrate with other products, value, end-user benefits and integrator benefits. Entries are judged by a diverse panel of industry professionals, including prosumers, editors, consultants and integrators in the IT, security, commercial A/V, and home automation fields.

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