BehrTech and PixelMechanics Make Freshly Baked Cookies with IoT Connectivity and Analytics


BehrTech and PixelMechanics Make Freshly Baked Cookies with IoT Connectivity and Analytics

TORONTO – March 12, 2019 – BehrTech, a worldwide licensee of the MIOTY LPWAN solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market, today announced a partnership with PixelMechanics, a leading digital agency in Nuremberg that specializes in IIoT lifecycle management and visualization. The partnership aims to improve production efficiency and quality control at manufacturing facilities with robust, scalable, and cost-effective environmental sensor networks.

The partnership’s first pilot project is Witte Spezialitaten, a renowned manufacturer of Nuremberg traditional gingerbread and German bakery specialties. Strict monitoring of the cold chain is critical in food manufacturing to maintain high quality products and reduce waste. To improve quality assurance, Witte Spezialitaten installed MIOTY-enabled sensors in its storage facilities and retail locations that measure temperature and humidity. The data is transmitted every 75 seconds to the PixelMechanics IoT Platform where smart algortithms turn the data into actionable insights on a management dashboard. Witte Spezialitaten is alerted in real-time if any values deviate from the optimal temperature or humidity range to reduce the impact to their baked goods.

Download the Witte Spezialitaten Customer Story

“The combination of the PixelMechanics IoT platform and MIOTY LPWAN technology will unleash the power of sensor networks and big data for manufacturers,” says Albert Behr, CEO of BehrTech. “We’re solving two major pieces of the puzzle, reliable access to invaluable data and translation of that data into meaningful insights that will not only improve operational efficiency, but also enable innovation and intelligent decision making.”

In addition to improving production optimization and quality control, MIOTY and the PixelMechanics IoT Platform, will enable manufacturers to:

1. Improve Worker Safety & Productivity: Measure workplace conditions like air quality, heat, humidity, radiation and noise and immediately notify managers and employees of potential dangers or health risks such as dehydration or exposure to chemicals.

2. Enhance Regulation and Compliance: Ensure regulatory compliance and maintain quality assurance with real-time environmental monitoring, analysis and control.

3. Energy Management and Occupancy Comfort: Monitor indoor air quality, temperature and humidity in various spaces and micro-zones among commercial buildings and industrial campuses. Leverage sensor data for decentralized and granular control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to optimize energy consumption and occupancy comfort.

“Actionable information is paramount to understanding product quality, performance and customers, under a myriad of operating conditions,” says Michael Rohrmueller, CEO at PixelMechanics. “However, to access this key data you need robust and reliable connectivity. With MIOTY by BehrTech we can now provide manufacturers an end-to-end predictive and value-driven IoT ecosystem.”

About PixelMechanics

Based in Nuremberg, PixelMechanics is a digital solution provider for over 10 years that offers fully connected IoT solutions, websites and ecommerce shops. They accompany and support medium to enterprise sized companies in more than 800 projects in the field of digitization. Their team of experts takes care of every digital project from conception to implementation. For more information, visit:

Download the Witte Spezialitäten Customer Story

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