BehrTech & CGF Team Up to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Auto Manufacturing


BehrTech and CGF Team Up to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Auto Manufacturing

ATLANTA – October 3, 2018 – [ Southern Automotive Conference | Booth #1528 ] – BehrTech, a worldwide licensee of the MIOTYTM LPWAN solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market, today announced a partnership with Counsel Group Frankfurt (CGF), an international provider of on-site IT counseling services and support with extensive automotive industry experience. The partnership was created to enable automakers around the world to improve production efficiency through the implementation of robust, scalable, and cost-efficient private IoT networks.

CGF’S experienced IT counselors serve as the single point-of-contact for ordering, configuring, and installing MIOTY solutions and providing all on-site operational service and support.

“By bringing together CGF’s extensive experience providing IT solutions to automotive manufacturers and our innovative LPWAN technology, we will accelerate digital transformation in this market,” says Albert Behr, CEO of BehrTech. “With unprecedented network capacity and reliability, MIOTY enables a whole new level of visibility on the factory floor by breaking down data silos and pushing massive sensor data to the cloud.”

While industrial Ethernet protocols have been the backbone of time-sensitive process control and automation applications, MIOTY adds an extra layer of communication infrastructure to enable an entirely new spectrum of IoT use cases in smart factories. These use cases were previously unattainable due to the cost and power constraints of conventional solutions.

With MIOTY, auto manufacturers will benefit from the massive interconnection of:

  • Factory-wide environmental sensors that measure air quality, temperature, and humidity to monitor and control optimal ambient conditions for multiple processes like painting and fluid filling.
  • Wearables and external sensors that transmit workers’ health status and working conditions to detect potential signs of dehydration, fatigue, or other health-related issues that require corrective measures.
  • Embedded sensors that continuously track health and operational parameters of assets and equipment to enable condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Sub-meters capturing energy consumption data at different factory areas to identify power waste sources and improve energy efficiency.

The partnership’s first customer is a multinational auto manufacturer with a worldwide production capacity of around 9,000 daily units. MIOTY-enabled sensors enable the auto manufacturer to measure dust particles at paint shops and temperature at filling stations to help avoid paint defects and excessive fluid injection, respectively. In addition, data on atmospheric humidity and temperature across the shop floor is communicated through MIOTY networks to alert managers of critical situations when workers’ require hydration breaks.

“At CGF, we provide our clients with IT solutions that are effective and perfectly aligned with their strategic focus,” says Wilhelm Treiber CEO of Counsel Group Frankfurt.“MIOTY technology is a game changer for the Industrial IoT market. By working together with BehrTech, we can push the frontiers of digitilization in the automotive industry by delivering a turnkey, last-mile communication solution to our customers.”

About CGF

Founded in 1999, the Counsel Group Frankfurt (CGF) has a long-standing partnership with BMW and is experienced in providing on-site IT solutions for manufacturing and other IT environments. CGF’s core competencies include: IT Support and Asset Management; Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementation, Device as a Service (DaaS); Data Center Solutions; and Enterprise Security. CGF takes a cost-efficient, lean management counseling approach to zero in on a plan of action that produces the most efficient and profitable results for the client.

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