BehrTech and Applied-IoT Partner to Enable Operational Visibility in Harsh Environments


BehrTech and Applied-IoT Partner to Enable Operational Visibility in Harsh Environments

Bangkok, Thailand [Crimson Viper] – August 8, 2019 – BehrTech and Applied-IoT sign strategic partnership deal to deliver new levels of operational visibility in challenging and remote environments. Bringing together BehrTech, a disruptive enabler of next-gen wireless connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Applied-IoT – a global provider of end-to-end industrial IoT solutions with extensive experience in mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, and maintenance repair operations for aerospace – will improve the availability, utilization, and effectiveness of industrial assets and staff.

“So much of the industrial sector lacks visibility into their day-to-day operations. With  dispersed vehicles, equipment, raw materials, and workers, operators don’t know the who, what, when, or where of most assets on their campus,” said Christian Leuchtenberg, Co-founder of Applied-IoT. “The superior coverage, robustness, and scalability delivered by the MYTHINGS wireless connectivity platform enables us to provide clients with the intelligent data they need to improve operational efficiency.”

Applied-IoT will showcase its MYTHINGS-enabled environmental monitoring and asset tracking solutions today at Crimson Viper 2019, an annual event hosted by the Royal Thai Ministry of Defence, Defence Science and Technology Department, and U.S. Pacific Command Science and Technology Office. The purpose of the event is to experiment with leading edge technologies in real-world operational conditions and provide a platform for collaboration and interoperability.

The solutions being showcased will demonstrate MYTHINGS data transmission between numerous mobile and fixed assets across a range of over 15 kilometers. Applied-IoT will also introduce an innovative Autonomous Tactical Awareness Mobile Unit (ATAMU), with the purpose of maintaining full battlefield visibility under difficult conditions.

“Applied-IoT and BehrTech share a common goal: to drive visibility and data-driven decision making in the industrial sector,” said Albert Behr, CEO of BehrTech. “Together with Applied IoT, we can provide clients with the tools needed to break down data silos and collect game-changing operational data that was previously inaccessible. With this new level of insight, organizations can now optimize operations, pinpoint bottlenecks, and reduce costs.”

About BehrTech

BehrTech offers a disruptive wireless connectivity software platform that is purpose-built for massive-scale Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. At the core of the platform is MIOTY, a new communication technology standardized by ETSI that provides reliable, robust, and scalable connectivity unlike any other technology on the market. With its approach to interoperability, BehrTech makes it easy for end users to retrofit its MYTHINGS platform in any environment and enables partners, system integrators, and VARs to deliver fully-integrated IIoT solutions that enable data-driven decisions to be made.

About Applied-IoT

Applied-IoT is a technology and solution provider that engineers visibility, empowering a business vision that focuses on “intelligent data” – selecting relevant information as stepping stones for clients to make strategic decisions. Providing industrial leaders and customer-facing businesses with meaningful awareness of their assets allows them to reduce costs and downtime, improve security and optimize utilization. Applied-IoT wields extensive experience across varied industrial sectors including mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and maintenance repair operations (MRO) for aerospace.

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Operational Visibility with BehrTech and Applied-IoT

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