Advantech Selects MYTHINGS by BehrTech Wireless Connectivity Software for its M2.COM IoT Sensor Platform


Advantech Selects MYTHINGS by BehrTech Wireless Connectivity Software for its M2.COM IoT Sensor Platform

San Jose, Calif. [Sensors Expo, Booth 1500A] – June 26, 2019 – BehrTech, a disruptive enabler of next-gen wireless connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced today that its new MYTHINGS wireless connectivity platform has been selected by Advantech to enable long-range, robust, and scalable IIoT connectivity with the standardized M2.COM sensor platform.

As an alternative to LoRa and Sigfox, the MYTHINGS Module for M2.COM will be the only off-the-shelf wireless module from Advantech featuring the ETSI standardized MIOTY (TS-UNB) by BehrTech for Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). With TS-UNB (Telegram Splitting Ultra Narrow Band technology) at its core, this module combats the significant interference, mobility and capacity challenges experienced by legacy wireless technologies. The MYTHINGS Module for M2.COM is designed for large-scale industrial and commercial IoT deployments that demand excellent reliability, vast network capacity and ultra-low power consumption at lower data rates.

“At BehrTech, we’re focused on creating technology solutions that accelerate production-level IoT deployments enabled by industrial-grade wireless connectivity,” said Wolfgang Thieme, Chief Product Officer at BehrTech. “Bringing together TS-UNB, the next generation LPWAN, and the open M2.COM standard provides a versatile plug-and-play wireless connectivity needed to drive widespread adoption of industrial IoT applications.”

The MYTHINGS Module for M2.COM is compatible with the Advantech WISE-DB1500 evaluation carrier board, enabling the rapid development and testing of sensor nodes. The WISE-DB1500 board provides a built-in humidity or temperature sensor, an SD card socket, and a micro USB port, alongside various I/O interfaces.

“Our M2.COM module platform provides the standardization and certification needed to minimize the costs and deployment time of IoT projects,” says Charlie Wu, Product Manager at Advantech. “Now with the MYTHINGS Module for M2.COM, customers will have the added value of selecting a standardized wireless connectivity protocol that enables the development of flexible, scalable and robust sensor networks in demanding industrial and commercial environments.”

About Advantech

Advantech is the global leader of embedded, industrial, IoT and automation solution platforms. The 35-year-old, billion-dollar business is ranked a top 100 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company, with over 1,000 products and more than 8,000 employees working in 92 major cities worldwide. Advantech is renowned for developing and manufacturing high-quality, high-performance hardware and software computing components as well as complete platforms—focused on its vision of enabling an intelligent planet ( Advantech is a subsidiary of Advantech Co., Ltd (TAIDEX:2395).

About BehrTech

BehrTech offers a disruptive wireless connectivity software platform that is purpose-built for massive-scale Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. At the core of the platform is MIOTY, a new communication technology standardized by ETSI that provides reliable, robust, and scalable connectivity unlike any other technology on the market. With its approach to interoperability, BehrTech makes it easy for end users to retrofit its MYTHINGS platform in any environment and enables partners, system integrators, and VARs to deliver fully-integrated IIoT solutions that enable data-driven decisions to be made.

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