MYTHINGS Smart Sensor

Industrial Wireless Sensor - MYTHINGS Smart Sensor


A multi-purpose industrial wireless sensor for long-range, robust and power-efficient IoT networks

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The Only Industrial Wireless Sensor Leveraging an ETSI Standardized LPWAN Protocol

The MYTHINGS Smart Sensor is a self-contained, battery-powered multi-purpose sensor that allows you to capture critical data points like acceleration, temperature, humidity, pressure and GPS. The smart sensor is integrated with the MYTHINGS Library – a hardware independent, small-footprint and power-optimized library of code, featuring the MIOTY (TS-UNB) low-power wide area network protocol.

RF Module for Long Range Communication

Embedded, switchable acceleration, temperature, humidity, pressure and GPS sensors

RF Module for Data Security

AES 128 network security layer


65x105x19 mm modular design


External antenna; MCP connector for internal antenna options

Industrial Wireless Sensor - Low Power

Rechargeable battery with USB

MYTHINGS Smart Sensor - Frequency

Operating frequency: 868 MHz (Europe) or 915 MHz (North America)

Output Power: 14dBm (Europe) 20dBm (North America)

Excellence in Mobile Data Communication

Unlike other smart sensors that are intended for stationary use only, the MYTHINGS Smart Sensor supports mobile data communication up to 120km/hr whether its attached to a moving object or transmitting data to a moving base station. 

Flexible and Seamless Integration with Brownfield Environments

The MYTHINGS Smart Sensor has an open serial interface that allows you to connect to your existing equipment and collect custom payload from other sources over the MYTHINGS network. This facilitates easy deployment in a brownfield environment and provides you with more flexibility in defining your application data.

Perfect for Environmental Monitoring in Industrial IoT

Machine Health Monitoring

Production Quality & Control

Cold Chain Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Off-Road Fleet Management 

Occupancy Sensing

Worker Safety

Infrastructure & Facility Monitoring

Disaster Management

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BehrTech provides technology partners with access to the MYTHINGS Smart Sensor reference design including schematics, layouts, firmware and relevant documentation.

Build a Robust, Long-Range and Power-Efficient Industrial IoT Sensor Network

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