IoT Transceivers from MYTHINGS


Best-in-Class Wireless Connectivity for IoT Transceivers

Featuring MIOTY, the only low power, wide area network (LPWAN) software standardized by ETSI 

The MYTHINGS Library is an open, small-footprint and power-optimized library of code, featuring MIOTY software. It is purpose-built to support simple, inexpensive and off-the-shelf RF IoT transceivers.

Product Features

Hardware independent; supporting multiple Sub-GHz transceiver chipsets

Embedded with the ETSI standardized MIOTY communication stack (TS 103-357)

Small footprint; low processing power and memory requirements

Standardized Interface (AT-Command Protocol)

Fast and Cost-Effective Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT Transcievers

Build your own customized sensor prototype with the MYTHINGS RF Module