Our Top 10 Industrial IoT Blogs from 2019

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The Top 10 Industrial IoT Blogs from 2019

As the Internet of Things continually evolves and new innovations in IoT communications are born, we strive to constantly share and gather insight on the latest trends in the industrial IoT landscape. There are an exceptional number of great IoT resources out there, so we thought we would help narrow it down. For anyone trying to catch up on the latest developments in industrial IoT, here are our top 10 IoT blogs from 2019.

1. Top 10 IoT Sensor Types

There are numerous types of IoT sensors and an even greater number of applications and use cases. Here are 10 of the most popular types and some of their use cases. Read now.

2. Six Leading Types of IoT Wireless Tech and their Best Use Cases

IoT starts with connectivity, but since it is widely diverse and multifaceted, it’s difficult to find a one-size-fits-all communication solution. Here are the six most common types of IoT wireless technologies and their best use cases. Read now.

3. Mesh vs. Star Topology

Network topologies can vary greatly in security, power consumption, cost and complexity. Before choosing and implementing a communication technology, it is important to understand which topology makes the most sense for your IoT applications and requirements. In this blog, we compare the two most popular types of topology mesh vs. star. Read now.

4. Five Reasons You Need an IoT Device Management Platform

If you think smart devices, connectivity and cloud analytics are all you need in an IoT architecture, you’re missing out on a major piece of the puzzle – device management. Here are five reasons why a network and device management platform is crucial to your IoT value chain. Read now.

5. Top 10 Criteria for a Successful LPWAN Implementation

Low Power Wide Area Networks are the fastest growing IoT communication technology and are fundamental to the future of IoT. With various LPWAN solutions available today, choosing the right technology for your IoT projects is no easy task. Here are the top 10 criteria for choosing the best LPWAN technology. Read now.

6. From Brownfield to Digital Factory: 3 Ways to IoT Enable Your Legacy Systems

How can you reap the benefits of industrial IoT and transform your brownfield plants into smart factories? Here are three practical ways to bring IoT connectivity to your legacy systems and harvest multi-level operational data. Read now.

7. MYTHINGS Smart Sensor: 10 Powerful IoT Applications

The MYTHINGS Smart Sensor is designed to help you improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance safety. Here are 10 powerful IoT applications that you can take advantage of with the MYTHINGS Smart Sensor. Read now.

8. IoT for Worker Safety: 3 Applications That Will Transform Your Workplace

IoT has opened the door for new and much needed innovations specifically geared towards improving worker safety. Here are 3 critical applications to help improve the health and wellness of employees in industrial environments. Read now. 

9. A New Approach to Indoor Localization in Large-Scale Environments

Data on the location of critical equipment and workers, provides powerful insights to optimize asset management and worker safety. Nevertheless, effective indoor localization, especially in large-scale environments, has been a bottleneck in available tracking solutions. In this blog, we discuss the key challenges of indoor localization and whether LPWAN could be the solution. Read now.

10. Last but not least…5 IIoT Predictions for 2019

Industrial IoT solutions continue to prove their immense value; allowing for an easier, and more efficient and affordable way to manage processes. The Industrial IoT landscape evolved quite a bit in 2019, here were our five IIoT predictions for the year. How did we do? Read now.

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