[Infographic] 10 Must-Know IoT Cybersecurity Stats

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10 Must-Know IoT Cybersecurity Stats

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm. From home thermostats and appliances, to city lights and waste bins, to industrial equipment and heavy machinery, more and more devices are now connected to the Internet. While the potential benefits of IoT are enormous, IoT cybersecurity continues to rise as a major threat.

Compared to the consumer sector, the industrial and commercial sectors are much more prone to cyberattacks. While the IT world is evolving faster than ever before, many legacy industrial systems are still in place without adequate security updates. On top of that, the lack of IT and cybersecurity experts, as well as a coordinated security strategy within the organization contribute to security vulnerability.

To give you an overview of the state of IoT cybersecurity, this week we’re highlighting the 10 must-know security stats for 2019 and where businesses stand in the fight against cybercrime. Rather than being discouraged by some of these numbers, it is important that businesses take proactive measures to better prepare themselves against cyberattacks. For example, adopting solutions with robust, built-in encryption and security features is critical and regular monitoring and continuous security patches to protect your IoT networks and systems throughout their lifecycle.


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