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11 LPWAN Deployment Mistakes to Avoid

Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) provide the long-range, power-efficient and affordable connectivity needed for next-generation IoT networks. But, LPWAN deployments can be a highly complex endeavor and if you’re unfamiliar with radio frequency technologies, you might find yourself struggling to piece together the different capabilities and moving parts of an LPWAN architecture.

Making fundamental mistakes from the outset can result in the long-term failure of the entire IoT initiative and significant financial loss. Many things could go wrong – inadequate technical planning, a lack of consideration for future needs, insufficient testing or poor device and data strategies – the list goes on. Having said that, don’t let these difficulties deter you from harnessing the exciting opportunity and potential benefits of LPWAN.

The success of every LPWAN deployment depends on a successful marriage between technology and strategy. A best-in-class technology purpose-built for scalability and interference resilience, complete with native security and device management features, will greatly simplify deployment and shorten the Time-to-Market of your IoT solution. However, organizations must understand the existing and potential pain points the technology is expected to solve to truly understand the value they can derive from it. Equally important is the awareness of the potential data and security risks and how to best prepare for them. The digitalization journey can be daunting at times, but with a clear vision and strategy complemented by a leading-edge solution, the outcomes are truly rewarding.

In this IIoT Survival Guide, we deep dive into the key technological and strategic mistakes to avoid when setting up your LPWAN network.

Download the Guide here.

LPWAN Deployment Mistakes

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