Costs of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

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14 Eye-Opening Facts About Worker Safety

The costs of occupational injuries and illnesses is a major pain point common across a variety of industries. Industrial work is traditionally difficult and dangerous; and has been identified by the International Labour Organization as a primary focus for improving workplace safety and wellness globally.

With millions of workers affected by occupational health and safety incidents annually and a growing focus on improving workplace conditions and safeguards, having an understanding of the true costs of occupational injuries and illnesses is essential.

The infographic below recaps 14 of the most eye-opening facts about worker safety and the substantial costs that companies bear when employees are injured on the job.

costs of occupational injuries and illnesses

To improve worker safety, innovative IoT and wireless connectivity solutions are being utilized to monitor and report on the health and safety of workers. Intelligent devices such as watches, helmets and vests can now capture vital physical metrics in real-time like heart rate, temperature, movement, activity, and location. In parallel, environmental sensors can be installed on site to monitor critical information about employees’ working conditions and their exposure to external dangers. With the addition of advanced analytics platforms, notifications can be sent when accidents or potential hazards are detected to help reduce and prevent workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities.  

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